Things To Consider When Preparing Your Funeral In Advance

Death is considered a taboo in many societies. However, it is true that planning for funeral services in advance can help very much for the family members.

A Detailed Step-By-Step Process to Plan Funeral in Advance

There are different reasons why one should be transparent and open to their family members regarding their funeral. It relieves emotional stress for loved ones once a person passes away as everything would be planned. It also reduces unwanted arguments and disputes in family related to funeral decisions as Singapore funeral packages can help you plan financially.

Looking for a Funeral Director

A funeral director is well versed in all funeral services in Singapore. He is a professional to ensure that all arrangements have been made properly.

Deciding on the wake

You need to provide all the important details to the funeral director for better planning of the funeral. Your religion, the budget you are deciding on, casket, your favorite flowers, and other important information will be needed. By keeping all the details handy before death, it can help ease the stress. Family members usually do not have much time to decide and prepare for the funeral, while dealing with the loss of their family member.

Making a will

A will is actually an official agreement for someone to receive your property and money when you pass away. Here are some of the important points to ensure that the will should be valid –

  • Will must be in writing
  • The person should be 21 years old for writing the will
  • The person should sign at the bottom of the will after writing
  • The person needs at least 2 witnesses to sign the will, which indicates that the will has been made in front of them
  • The witnesses cannot be spouses of beneficiaries or the beneficiaries

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