The Various Types Of Funeral Services In Singapore

No one likes to talk about death as it is not a happy topic because it is worse to think about it. It is the way we have to remember about the end of life. But it is certainties of human life. No one escapes from death.

Most people do not know what to do at the time of death in the family. So the funeral process starts when you look from funeral homes and obtain the certificate of cause of death and other formalities. In Singapore, the service providers’ main aim is to create meaningful funeral services to honor the lives of departed loved ones.

If you are looking at the funeral service in Singapore then  there are affordable packages for different religions like,

  1. Buddhist funerals
  2. Taoist funerals
  3. Christian funerals
  4. Soka funerals
  5. Buddhist Funerals Services Singapore

In Singapore, there is an arrangement of service of the funeral for Buddhists as these funeral rites and rituals are centered in belief. There is a belief for Buddhists in karma and an effect on rebirth. The people from Buddhist believe that death marks the beginning of new steps of rebirth.

  1. Taoist Funeral Services Singapore

People from the Taoist religion believe to focus on longevity and health rather than the afterlife. There is a goal of immortality in Taoism with many tasks like Neidan and Maidan.

It has been observed the trending of funerals to become simple with departed one. Buddhism has an influence on families of Taoists like Monks and Taoists, as priests performing rites at the time of death.

  1. Christian Funeral Services Singapore

There is a difference of Christian Funeral Service formate from denomination to other denomination and there is a complete process with pastor and Church. There are the following services provided in the Christian religion in Singapore.

  1. Soka Funeral Package Singapore

It the simple form of Japanese Buddhist funeral ceremony with formalized and elaborated rituals. The main purpose of the funeral service is to help the departed one to attain enlightenment and sympathy for the family.

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