Industrial Doors: Types, Features And Safety Precautions

There is a saying that ‘Safety is a cheap and effective insurance policy’. Safety is the first concern when it comes to life, money, and assets. Industries, companies, and offices in Singapore contain various valuable assets that need to be safe and secure. Thus, people nowadays are using Industrial Doors in companies to secure them.

There are millions of industries and warehouses in Singapore, which have started using industrial doors to increase their safety. An Industrial Door Company should be opted for providing safety to any company with normal doors. The main use of industrial doors is in fire brigade companies, high-value offices, and manufacturing industries.

Types of Industrial Doors

There are mainly three types of industrial doors –

  1. Rolling Shutter doors are the most common. You can roll them up to open and roll down to close the doors of the industry. They can operate manually or through motors.
  2. Sectional Overhead doors are comparatively less popular among industries. They open and close separate individual panels. They also have a thermal quality that maintains the standard temperature of a room.
  3. Lastly, Steel makes the sliding folding doors stronger than the other types. They are very efficient for use in industries, yards, and aircraft security.

Features of Industrial Doors

They increase the safety and security of a place. People also use Remote controls to keep the area safer. They are available in different shapes and sizes as well by an Industrial Door Company. They are of steel, which makes them extraordinarily strong.

In addition, they have various designs to choose from. Some industrial doors offer weather protection and are heat resistant since they do not allow heat to pass through them.

So, choose the most suitable industrial door as per your requirements.

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