How You Can Have Longer Lasting Balloons At Outdoor Parties

If you’re planning to host a party amid COVID-19, then there are safe distancing measures that you’d need to follow, such as having a small number of guests. Even so, you can still maximise the fun with games, balloons and food! After all, parties are the time to let loose and have fun! And the last thing you want is the uninvited presence of a party pooper – which could very well be your balloon decorations popping out of nowhere or deflating halfway through the party.

Since we live pretty near the equator, Singapore is blessed with sunny weather all year round, save for some rainy seasons. But the heat and humidity aren’t always the best for the lifespan of balloons. So, if you want your party to go on for as long as it can with all the balloons in great shape, here are some tips for your balloons to last!

Prepare it in the same environment as the venue

Inflating your balloons at a similar temperature as your outdoor event can aid in retaining its shape. Suppose you inflate your balloons in an air-conditioned room. In this case, the cold air in the balloon might get a shock once it’s under the warm sun. As hot air expands, it might cause your balloon to pop.

Type of colours you choose

Colour is no doubt, an important factor in every party. With a colour scheme set in place, your balloons are sure to hop on the bandwagon! However, you might want to make a few colour exceptions. For instance, pearlised colours tend to form a cloudy, velvety appearance on the balloon’s exterior. This is the result of oxidisation, which could degrade the natural rubber material of the latex balloons. Another example would be dark colours, especially black. As black absorbs heat fast, your balloons are more prone to expanding, and may even end up exploding. On the other hand, white reflects the light, which in turn, reflects heat, making white-coloured balloons last longer.

Quality of balloons

The quality of balloons you choose can go a long way – or in this context, a long time. Investing in good quality products is also a great way to make your money’s worth. If you’re shopping for balloons online or from a party shop in Singapore, be sure to double-check if the balloons you plan to purchase are of high quality.

Material of balloons

With a trio of balloon materials to consider, how do you know which is the right one to pick? To start, avoid latex balloons if you plan to place it outdoors for a long period because they are more susceptible to popping in the warm weather. If possible, you can choose to go with foil balloons as they can last longer than latex balloons on a sunny day.

How you inflate the balloon

Avoid inflating the balloon until its maximum capacity. Leave some space for it to absorb any excess heat from the warm weather! But before that, you’d need to prepare it first by inflating it completely. Then, let some air out before sealing the balloon. This gives the balloon some breathing space to make room for the presence of hot air. Apply the same technique to helium balloons as well.


Decorating with balloons for an event under the hot sun is challenging, but it’s not impossible. By purchasing high-quality balloons,  you’ll have a better chance at making your balloons last and still look good.

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