Get To Know The Important Aspects Of A Buddhist Funeral

Funeral rites are either performed in the homes of the deceased or in funeral homes in Singapore. But cleaning is done by professionals providing funeral services.

What are the Buddhist Funeral Rites in Singapore?

The Buddhist funeral rites Singapore are based on various sections with variations in belief but they all have Samsara in common. The family members are needed after the rituals to carry the body to the cremation chambers. To perform the rituals, it is known to be the longest session. Along with the rituals, the funeral services include helping mourners to walk along with sticks and chant the prayers while helping others to bring flowers to the altar.

The funerals in Singapore involve plenty of resources like food, time, money, space and flowers. They also offer funeral guides to handle all the hard work so you can focus on the rituals and rites to perform. They can get the photograph of your loved one enlarged and provide you utmost care as per your needs.

Will You Need a Death Certificate?

Yes, the death certificate is important to make arrangements for the cremation or burial, and for the obituary in the funeral and newspaper. Some clinics also offer 24×7 call services. If a doctor is unable to certify the cause behind the death, the body should be sent to the mortuary.

Buddhist funeral holds holy importance in religion. Therefore, you need a fully professional Buddhist funeral service to provide the best support you need. They also provide funerals on the basis of deceased last wish.

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