A Funeral Service That Doesn’t Break The Bank: Here’s How

Funeral planning may be a daunting task that many of us would tend to avoid. However, it is crucial to take ownership of the process of funeral arrangements. If one is not careful, the costs that go into funeral planning and preparations can be budget.

Save yourself from incurring unnecessary costs and make sure that everything planned out remains under a strict budget. Worry no more as we share some simple ways and tips for you to be able to organise a funeral ceremony that will not break the bank!

One key strategy that most people are not aware of is to search for a reputable funeral home. As funeral homes are required to provide an itemised price list for their services and products, you should take time to research on the funeral home that is most suited for your needs. By having information on what prices are floating around in the market, you will be able to make sound economic choices when it comes to liaising with a funeral director. If you know what you want, you will be surprised to know how much money you can save. Avoid purchasing for something you might not find useful or relevant for the funeral ceremony!

Moreover, you will have a better feel for the quality of a funeral home’s service if you drop by and converse with their staff. That way, you can be assured of good customer service and go to sleep knowing that every dollar you invest in the funeral preparation process.

Location matters a lot and is one of the factors that incur huge costs during the funeral planning phase. Sometimes, it is wiser for the family to have the funeral wake held at the void deck of their HDB block. For example, Chinese funerals are held close to home in accordance to customs and traditions. Depending on the deceased’s religion, it may also be sensible for the family to have the funeral be situated in a place of religious.

We offer bereavement services to family members at reasonable market rates. We also provide pro bono funeral services to families that are in financial need and require support. Our packages and prices are very transparent and honest as we believe in maintaining a trustworthy and professional relationship with all of our clients. You do not have to worry over any hidden costs. No matter what kind of funeral ceremony, we will ensure that the funeral’s dignity is maintained while keeping to your budget.

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