8 Key Components Of A Successful Digital Marketing Plan

Digital marketing is founded on a wide array of components that help explain how it operates and how the elements are interconnected. For the sake of convenience, only a few out of the many components are enlisted below. These components establish the backbone of online marketing in Singapore.

  • Website: serves as a hub for an online business. The aim of digital marketing in this regard is to direct the audience to a brand’s website. It allows the audience and bran to connect in a meaningful way. It serves as an essential component of digital marketing.
  • Social Media Marketing: SMM is the act of using social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram for marketing and redirecting the audience to a brand’s website.
  • Affiliate marketing: is the act of marketing and selling another company’s product or service and earning a commission in return.
  • Programmatic advertising: helps navigate the right platform for ads where they have a higher chance of efficient advertising.
  • Email marketing: is the process of collecting email addresses of website visitors for a follow-up later on in time.
  • Marketing automation: uses a small team of two to three people for streamlining the process of marketing so that a business may focus on the more important elements of its brand.
  • Search Engine Optimization: SEO Singapore uses key phrases to display a website in higher lists of a google search.
  • Search Engine Marketing: SEM is a form of internet marketing that enhances the visibility of a brand or website in search engines.

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