6 Mind-Boosting Methods To Awaken Your Creative Side

With the COVID-19 outbreak, all the affected nations have announced lockdown or for Singapore, Circuit Breaker.

However, as of June 2, Circuit Breaker had officially come to an end – with certain rules and measures slightly lightened. And since June 19, Singapore will be entering Phase 2 of the three-phase approach to help get the economy back in shape. But still, some businesses will still have to cease operations while citizens are required to remain at home as much as possible until the situation gets under control.

The bottom line is, the COVID-19 pandemic will affect our economy. But more importantly, the majority of employees will continue working from home so as to reduce contact with others.

With that being the case, putting aside the usual articles on getting fully furnished apartments to rent as a roof over your head – we’ll be discussing a few effective ways to boost your creativity instead. To make the best of this opportunity, follow the below-listed mind-boosting methods to get creative.


Start your day with 20-minutes of meditation in a serene location.

You can practice meditation in your bedroom, living room, or in whichever space you prefer in your home. You could even do it right outside your corridor or backyard, depending on your type of home.

This entire duration will fill your mind with positivity and energy you need to kickstart your day and stay productive.

Even If you haven’t practised meditation before – all you need to do is count on the World Wide Web for some easy meditation steps on a blog page or have Youtube pop up a video for even clearer directions.

Breathe in and breathe out, and let the meditation session begin!

Listen to soothing music

Whether you are trying a new recipe or working out at home – listening to some relaxing or classical music will motivate you to keep going.

After all, scientific research has proven that music improves your creativity and imagination!

In fact, it is a perfect remedy for stress. If you are stressing over work, put on the earphones, and play your favourite music to release the stress and free your mind from negativity.

Try DIYs

It might not be possible to go out for a walk and spend some time close to nature to clear your mind – but creativity doesn’t always need a morning walk.

Thanks to the Internet and search engines – you can find DIY for almost anything on the internet!

Google your favourite pastime, and follow the DIY techniques. It could be knitting your own sweater, whipping up a meal, or handcrafting a mug from scratch!

If learning the ropes of a new skill or hobby appears to be a little difficult – get some assistance from your family members or even your friends. Even if it’s through video calling, some word of advice can help plenty!

Get a good night’s sleep

Though it is not proven yet – research suggests that a good night’s sleep boosts your creativity. Sleep is all you need to cleanse and rejuvenate your mind!

Moreover, if you’re schooling or working – it’s all the more important to get sufficient sleep. It’s key in keeping you energised and productive throughout the day so you can complete the tasks assigned to you.

So, instead of burning the midnight oil to complete your work or staying up too late – consider getting some quality sleep! When you wake up, you will be full of energy and creative thoughts!

Clean your home

The Circuit Breaker has made us realise how difficult it is to keep our home organised and clean without a helper.

In that case, put aside some time to grab the mop and vacuum and clean your floors.

Amid this period, it is an excellent time to practise good habits. Start by doing your dishes and laundry on your own. Make your bed and keep your things organised. Vacuum your living room and clean the kitchen and other areas every day.

Not only does it keep you fit, but it’s foolproof in keeping your space spick and span!

Read a book

If you are finding it hard to get the right inspiration to perform your everyday chores, read a book by your favourite author.

Or, for a little change in taste and to spice up your experience – go for new genres or something a little out of your comfort zone. Be sure to try out something new this time!

Maybe you will find an interesting story that will help you kill time!

Letting your creative juices flow will go a long way in completing your tasks, improving your mood, and even making your stay-home experience much more enjoyable when you work out many different, new things to do.

On the other hand, for housemates who have gone to rent a service apartment will still be allowed access to our serviced apartments. We will just require housemates to comply with the measures and rules as imposed by the government to ensure everyone’s health and safety.

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