3 Steps To Push You Closer Towards Becoming A Superstar

You have one thing in common with your favourite music stars- the love of good music and an amazing performance. You might also have the desire to become a star, like them. If you dream of being a soloist or part of a band that puts up a good show, we’re here to tell you it’s possible! Don’t fret if you are starting at the starting line. After all, all great stars started as a beginner. Like them, you can begin taking steps to bring out the potential that resides deep within you and you’re on your way to becoming a superstar.

The Fundamentals

One thing you must know as an upcoming music star is that you should never launch out with just your talent. If you do this, you’d easily get kicked out of the race. Vocal talent or music skills can never prepare you for a performance. You need to invest some time practising the basics to build a solid foundation. For instance, breathing techniques will be the first thing you will be taught and it will still retain its importance when you’ve decided to continue with vocal lessons for adults. Polish the essentials before you begin tackling bigger challenges.

Be Inspired But Don’t Copy

It is not wrong to look up to your favourite stars and try adopting their styles in your performances. However, it is worth to note that you should also build something that you can safely call your own. Should you continue emulating your favourites, you might find yourself unable to move away from their habits. What you can do instead is to bring in your flavour to their styles, just like how Ariana Grande’s vocal runs are inspired by Mariah Carey’s, but they sound distinctively different.

However, to do so, you will need to master the basics and cultivate music versatility and creativity. You can’t afford to follow Travis Barker’s wild drumming pace if you can’t even execute basic drum patterns such as the five stroke roll. If you hope to be as good or even surpass your idols, you can pick up essential skills and polish them in drum lessons for adults. With personalised guidance from dedicated music teachers, you can improve and establish your own style.

Make Your Presence Known

There is no way you can be a star if you don’t have a little courage and take a leap of faith. Creating an informal band with your friends and classmates is great, but it’d be best to expand your music circles as well. Interacting with other musicians and jamming with them not only put you out there, but you may also even pick up skills and styles from other musicians. These musicians may also be your ticket to your next gigs so put yourself out there!

There are only a few instances where you can experience the same thrill and exhilaration from performing a two-hour set on stage. The adrenaline boost from the cheers of your fans is almost addictive. To do so, you will need to be recognised for skills and this translate to many years of experience and practice. Not everybody can be a superstar but if you think you have what it takes, shoot your shot!

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