3 Amazing Perks Of Having Your Lesson Online Via Zoom

There’s no telling when the current pandemic situation will cease, but there’s reason to believe that the ‘new norm’ is here to stay even post COVID-19. In terms of education, online learning has replaced traditional classrooms and have effectively taken centre stage. The drastic switch may have been implemented in hopes to reduce the risk of transmission on schools and institutions, there is a possibility that online education will continue to stay even when the situation has simmered down. And if so, here are just a few perks one can enjoy once it has become the new normal.

Learning At Your Own Pace

Since there is no need to be physically present whilst learning, the online lessons are structured in a way that allows flexibility that allows one to study at their own pace. With the given online materials, one can learn whenever and wherever. And unlike traditional classes where there’s a propensity to struggle to keep up and fall behind in class, these online materials are much more forgiving. For instance, one can pause and playback a recorded lecture whenever needed. Not only is this convenient, but students can also retain whatever they’ve learnt better.

Access Learning Opportunities

The flexibility of online learning also meant that the accessibility to learning opportunities also improves. So long as one owns a laptop and reliable access to the Internet, one is able to learn no matter the background or age group.

One particular demographic that will benefit from online learning is the working adults. Those who wish to continue studying after having spent time in the workforce will find the transition so much easier, as opposed to returning back to the student life. Re-skilling and up-skilling during an ever-changing socioeconomic landscape, thus having the accessibility as the first step is highly crucial.

Online Education As A Supplement

COVID-19 has shown that mass adoption to adapt to a particular situation can definitely work. That said, it doesn’t necessarily mean that going full online should replace traditional classrooms even once the pandemic is over.

There is no doubt that online education could ever compete with the effectiveness of a traditional classroom. It is difficult to replicate crucial learning attributes, such as physical face to face interaction, organic discussions amongst peers and many more physical activities, in a virtual setting. With just online learning, holistic education will not be attainable.

Traditional classrooms will continue to be the preferred method when it comes to learning, but schools and institutions are likely to adopt blended learning models in the long-term. Institutions will find ways to integrate the useful parts of online learning into their programmes, thus granting students the flexibility that will boost their learning online and offline.

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